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Climate Club

AC Maintenance Program

Loyalty Program
Why Choose the Climate Club?

Our Climate Club Program guarantees you will enjoy indoor comfort, energy efficiency, and clean air. Here’s why joining our Climate Club is a smart move:
  • 5% Replacement Discount
  • 10% Repair Discount
  • Guaranteed 24 Hour Service

Twice Annual Maintenance
28 – Point Checklist

  1. Complete Startup and Run Test
  2. Check Blower Motor Amps, Voltage, and Electrical Windings
  3. Check Inducer Motor Amps, Voltage, and Electrical Windings
  4. Test and Check Blower Motor Capacitor
  5. Test and Check Inducer Motor Capacitor
  6. Test and Check System Overall Running Amps
  7. Test and Inspect Ignition Assembly
  8. Test and Inspect Flame Sensor
  9. Test and Inspect High Temp Limit Sensor
  10. Test and Adjust Gas Pressure
  11. Test and Inspect Flame Roll-Out Sensors
  12. Test and Inspect Pressure Switches
  13. Test and Inspect Door Safety Switches
  14. Test Thermostat
  15. Verify and Adjust Thermostat Temp Sensor
  16. Tighten and Inspect Circuit Board
  17. Oil Blower Motor Bearings (If Necessary)
  18. Inspect HVAC Ductwork
  19. Inspect System Plenums
  20. Inspect and Balance Ductwork Airflow Dampeners
  21. Inspect Exhaust Flue Ventilation
  22. Test for Exhaust Leakage
  23. Heat Exchanger Safety Inspection
  24. Inspect and Test UV Coil Light
  25. Inspect and Test Surge Protection
  26. Inspect and Test Air Scrubber
  27. Green Sticker
  28. Inspection Report




  1. Condenser Coil Cleanings
  2. Blower Motor Cleaning
  3. Blower Motor Cabinet Cleaning
  4. Evaporator Coil Drain Line Cleaning
  5. Flame Sensor Cleaning
  6. Pressure Switch Hose Cleaning
  7. Standard Filter Size Replacement