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AC Tune -Up

33 – Point Checklist

Full System Analysis Report | Updated Green Sticker Certification.
  1. Standard Filter 1″ Replacement.
  2. Outdoor Condenser Flush and Light Cleaning.
  3. Complete Startup and Run Test.
  4. Verify Static Pressures.
  5. Check Indoor Delta T “Coil Temp Split”.
  6. Verify Refrigerant Pressures.
  7. Test Temp Split on Filter Drier.
  8. Check Compressor Amps.
  9. Check Compressor Voltage.
  10. Check Compressor Electrical Windings.
  11. Check Condenser Fan Motor Amps.
  12. Check Condenser Fan Motor Voltage.
  13. Check Condenser Fan Motor Electrical Windings.
  14. Test Condenser Fan Motor Capacitor.
  15. Check Blower Motor Amps.
  16. Check Blower Motor Voltage.
  17. Check Blower Motor Electrical Windings.
  18. Test Blower Motor Capacitor.
  19. Test Indoor System Overall Running Amps.
  20. Test Outdoor System Overall Running Amps.
  21. Test and Inspect Low and High Pressure Switches.
  22. Test and Inspect Door Safety Switches.
  23. Test Thermostat.
  24. Verify and Adjust Thermostat Temp Sensor.
  25. Tighten and Inspect Circuit Board.
  26. Oil Blower Motor Bearings (If Necessary).
  27. Inspect HVAC Ductwork.
  28. Inspect System Plenums.
  29. Inspect and Balance Ductwork Air Flow Dampeners.
  30. Inspect and Test UV Coil Light.
  31. Inspect and Test Surge Protection.
  32. Inspect and Test Air Scrubber.
  33. Condensation Line Cleaning.



Light Cleanings

  1. Condenser Coil Light Cleaning
  2. Blower Motor Light Cleaning
  3. Blower Motor Cabinet Cleaning
  4. Evaporator Coil Drain Line Cleaning
  5. Standard Filter Size Replacement